The money is the motive. Black Chyna caught the flames of the internet when it was discerned that she was selling skin-whitening cream this week. The cream, called Whitenicious, is being peddled by Chyna in Nigeria. The idea of someone being ashamed of their skin color is nothing new, but what's worse? Someone who is ashamed of their own skin color, or someone who isn't embarrassed but chooses to spread a poisonous message because of a paycheck? Chyna appears to be the latter. 

According to TMZsources very close to Chyna claim that she never used to the product in her life. The whitening cream retails for $250 per Swarovski crystals-studded bottle, and Chyna is allegedly just in it for the dough. The company approached her to promote their product, and she signed on the dotted line. Simple as that. Chyna's reps also told TMZ that she has been using Whitenicious dark spot corrector products for years to deal with hyperpigmentation. They reaffirmed that she never used the whitening cream though. Although lighting and Photoshop can do wonders, it really does appear that Chyna applied a liberal amount of the cream on her skin in the promo pictures. Do you believe her reps?