Much in the same vein as a hero living long enough to become the villain, a Star Wars hater can find themselves donning the costume in a galaxy far far away. Though comedian Bill Burr has been eternally critical of the ubiquitous franchise, it would appear the tides have changed. Maybe it was Baby Yoda that did him in. Maybe it was the bag. Either way, Bill Burr is officially part of the Star Wars extended universe, thanks to his recent cameo in Disney + series The Mandalorian.  

In episode 6, titled "The Prisoner," Burr holds it down as a mercenary by the name of Mayfeld, a "Former Imperial sharpshooter." Much to the delight of fans, the comedian gets off a few fan-pleasing one-liners, making references to Jar Jar Binks, dubious Stormtrooper aim, and the maligned Last Jedi planet Canto Bight. Nothing can quell the unfiltered Burr cynicism, not even the steely presence of The Mandalorian himself. 

Have you been watching the new Star Wars series unfold? And if so, what did you make of Bill Burr entering the fold?