John Oliver has made a career off of being both a comedian and a political pundit thanks to his gigs on the The Daily Show and more recently, his HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This past week, Oliver had the wrestling community in a tizzy as he did a lengthy segment on Wrestlemania, the WWE, and how it treats its athletes and entertainers. Oliver heavily critiques Vince McMahon's company by saying that they are responsible for the premature deaths of many of their wrestlers. 

TMZ Sports caught up with 47-year-old wrestler Big Show and asked him about Oliver's rant. Big Show completely disagreed with Oliver and explained how the WWE has made strides to improve its treatment of wrestlers like himself.

"The industry's changed. It's done everything it can to protect the athlete and create longevity for the athlete. I'm 47 and I'm still rocking and rolling, so they're doing something right," Big Show explained. "I've had a lot of injuries, I knew from day one stepping through the ropes that it was not an easy job, it was a job that was gonna put myself at risk. I took the paychecks, I took the fame, I took the fortune."

You can see a part of Oliver's rant in the video below. Do you agree with what he has to say?