Big Boi has put the finishing touches on his second solo album which is slated to drop December 11th and has been garnering substantial buzz with some marquee singles.  In a recent interview with Elliott Wilson, the Outkast rapper talked about his process when recording this album and others, how his hustling grandmother inspired the LP’s title, and how chance played a role in connecting him with A$AP Rocky for a feature. 

When recording albums, Daddy Fat Sacks just keeps on making music non-stop and says that several records on this album had been recorded around the time he dropped his last solo effort, “I started the beat selection after my last record.” The ATL native adds that recording for his follow up is already underway, “I’m actually 10 songs deep into my next album now...just constantly recording.”

The title Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors is one that carries some weight, and Big Boi reveals that it is actually derived from his grandmother who was a hustler herself, “It actually came from my grandma...she passed away, and it was gonna be the title of her book.  My grandma was a hustler, she sold it all.”

A$AP Rocky and T.I. are two of the more well-known features on this album which is covered with some top-notch guest appearances.   Big Boi says that he just linked up with Rocky by meeting up by chance, and everything came together organically on the album, including when he hooked up with Tip, “From the features on down, everything kinda happened for a reason.”

Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors is slated for a December 11th release. 

[via RapRadar]