The Big Baller Brand is accused of stealing logos again, this time by the owner of a Canadian yoga studio who claims the logo used on LaMelo Ball's Melo Ball 1 signature shoe is actually hers.

In an interview with CTV in Ottawa, Hana Engel, owner of the Modern Body yoga studio in Canada says,

"I don’t want it to be, ‘Oh she’s a little yoga studio in Ottawa Canada, who cares we can get away with this,' it’s my logo and I protected it for a reason," said Engel during an interview with CTV.

Engel reportedly started the trademark copyright process for her logo in 2014 and finally earned full license ownership in Canada earlier this year. The problem is, her trademark has not yet been approved in the United States. That said, Engel is still preparing to take legal action and her copyright lawyer has already sent a letter to the Big Baller Brand regarding the logo.

According to CTV, the letter reads, "Any use of the Big Baller Mark in Canada by your client will be considered an infringement of our client’s exclusive trademark rights."

This isn't the first time LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand has been accused of stealing. Earlier this year, after Big Baller Brand debuted Lonzo Ball's ZO2 Prime signature sneaker, Ohio State wide receiver coach Zach Smith, accused the brand of stealing his "Zone 6" logo. "Zone 6" is the nickname Coach Smith has been using for his wide receivers for a few years and the Zone 6 logo bears a striking resemblance to the one seen on the $495 ZO2 Prime and the $220 ZO2 Slide.

Additionally, an Argentinian company has also accused LaVar Ball of stealing their name a few years ago and simply adding "Big" in front it. The company, named "Baller Brand," has been around since 2006 but they took to instagram a few months ago to call out LaVar for being a thief and "stealing their brand name."

In spite of all these accusations, we don't think LaVar is the least bit concerned with the state of his brand or any their signature logos.

Check out both "Modern Body" and "Melo Ball 1" logos below.