Back in the early ‘00s, the head of Benzino got involved in a feud with Eminem and Shady Records, and what followed was an exchange of diss records between the two.  Benzino had used The Source magazine, which at that time was the authority on album reviews, to promote his own artists while disparaging some he had beef with. 

Although the beef has been inactive for quite some time, Benzino says he is open to sitting down and making amends with Em (from HipHopDX), “It’d be good if we would be able to really sit down and meet,” Benzino continued, “It’s not like we’ve ever really been in a room together, ever really met and never really talked about the situation. I mean, I’d be open to it, you know what I mean?” adding, “Thinking back, I probably could have did things differently. I had The Source as a platform, and you just get caught up and at the time, I was caught up.” 

Part of the beef with Shady Records stemmed from Benzino telling Obie Trice that he would give him a good review in The Source, and then subsequently ripping on Obie in the publication.  Now Benzino realizes he made a mistake by abusing the power The Source “mic rating system” gave him, “I just think it was early in the game and people were so caught up with the mic system and so into the magazine, I probably didn’t even realize it.” The Boston rapper added, “I definitely think it was a mistake to give the Made Men four and a half mics,” he added. “I shouldn’t have did that, but I’d never been involved and given anybody mics.”