Belly's been teasing his forthcoming project Midnight Zone for the past little while and built even more excitement when he shared some footage of him and Jay-Z in the studio together The rapper recently sat down with Justin Credible to speak on his forthcoming project and working with HOV but during the conversation, he had some strong words to share about the younger generation disrespecting 2Pac.

There aren't many people who have as much influence in hip hop as 2Pac did and Belly wanted to make that clear for the young rappers speaking on 2Pac's name. He explained that times were way different in the 90's and if they were in the game back then, they wouldn't have been able to be in the game if it wasn't for Pac.

"Pac is still one of the most influential people to ever exist, bro. That's facts. On any corner of the world." He said, "It's retarded to ever think that we not able to do what we do because of those guys, bro. Those guys fought for us when it was okay to be racist... For y'all little dummies that's getting your little cheques and thinking you got clout right now, the only reason you got that is because people stepped up when the fire was on. Right now, the fire ain't even on."

2Pac's legacy went passed the music and Belly explained that at that time, these people had to die to be embraced.

"I come from days where they didn't embrace us, we had to fight to be embraced. 2Pac had to be damn near crucified to be embraced, Big had to die... This is a real game." He said.

Peep the full interview below.