Barack Obama is known for many things, including (in the eyes of his kids) his dance moves. While normally stoically able to groove when he's been given the opportunity to dance and the TV cameras are rolling, Obama was the picture of "dad dancing" when he was Commander-In-Chief. Now, as the first guest on David Letterman's new Netflix series, 44 explains his technique, referencing a White House performance that the late Prince gave as a perfect example.

In the below clip from the upcoming streaming series, Obama expanded on his dance moves as, well, sub-par. “This was probably three or four months before he died, and Prince asks Sasha [Obama] to come up and dance, and she’s an excellent dancer,” he said. “Then Sasha pulls me up, which surprises me because she always mocks my dancing, but I have dad moves.” What exactly are dad moves, you may ask? Well, according to the former President, it's all about staying "in the pocket."

“So, you’ve got to stay in the pocket,” Obama added, “because I think everybody in here knows dads who get out of the pocket. And they’re trying stuff that they can’t really pull off. And you know, they start doing like karate kicks and all kinds of stuff.” There's definitely been some worse Presidential dancers in American history (can anyone imagine Reagan trying to groove to Prince? Or George W?), but here's hoping Obama's confidence on the dance floor improves over time.

He and David Letterman have always had great chemistry in an interview setting, which is why the debut episode of the former Late Show host is being eagerly anticipated. You can catch the new Obama-Letterman chat on Netflix as of tomorrow, January 12th.