Have you ever seen confidence like this? As reported by the Riverfront Times, a St. Louis bar was robbed at gunpoint last Friday, and while the event would be traumatizing to many, one man seemed completely unbothered by the situation. Security camera footage from the armed robbery shows one man continuing to light his cigarette without a care in the world, all the while, what looks to be a rifle is pointed at his face. While other patrons hide or flee, he remains seated at the bar.

The robber seemed slightly perplexed by the man's confidence. When he attempted to rob the brazen man, he was simply waved off like a pestering child. The robber stole from the belongings of everyone else in the bar. The suspect reportedly made off with a couple hundred dollars in stolen cash.

Dustin Krueger was bartending that night and claims to have never felt as unsafe at work as he did that night. "Not incredibly comfortable or safe I mean this is my job and this is what I do so I've never really felt unsafe here," said Krueger. Yet through it all, our cigarette smoking hero remained unfazed.

According to KSDK, police have described the suspect as being in his late 30s to mid-40s and wearing a blue shirt and dark pants. Police have yet to identify the suspect.