There's a new BBQ spot coming to San Francisco courtesy of Ayesha Curry and famous chef Michael Mina, who already runs two Michelin star rated restaurants. 

According to TMZ, Ayesha has partnered up with Michael Mina to launch "International Smoke," a BBQ restaurant featuring everything from slow cooked pork and ribs to BBQ lobster and more.

Per the SF Chronicle,

“One thing I’m not worried about is the aesthetic or the deliciousness of the food,” Curry said. “I just want to ... take my game to the next level.”

“The food was so delicious at the pop-up. But that didn’t even scratch the surface,” said Mina, who takes Curry’s recipes and executes them. “We got to try out a lot of stuff that was great, but we didn’t have the fire power and equipment and the space that we’ll have now.”

While Mina may be one of the most famous chef/restaurateurs in the world, Ayesha is certainly no slouch in the kitchen as she has already published her own cookbook and has been featured on the Food Network plenty of times over the years. 

International Smoke, located in the current RN74 space on the ground floor of San Francisco’s Millennium Tower, is on track to open this Fall.