One of the few songs off A$AP Rocky's highly anticipated debut album which did not leak more than a month early was his collaboration with indie artist Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine.

The song, "I Come Apart" came as a surprising effort between the singer and rapper, but A$AP Rocky says the collaboration happened naturally.

“We did it separately but I worked with Florence and the Machine so honestly man, it was just organic,” A$AP told MTV News. “I look at it like anybody can collab with each other but it has to be right. You can’t just force it. Where I’m at at this time, I could probably work with anybody I could request to or wish to. It’s not about that. It’s really about working with people who fit your criteria, not only that, but compatible to you in some type of way. Whether it’s their charisma, their technique, their style, anything. I look at all that before I work with somebody. That’s why I don’t just work with any artist.”

The Long.Live.A$AP rapper also spoke on stepping outside his comfort zone to please different sets of crowds, “Sometimes, you have to…I wanna say…settle and compromise cuz some artists are big in certain demographics and crowds and stuff and you gotta collab with that sometimes because it’s people who love you from that crowd,” A$AP explained. “That’s why I did the song (“Yellow Tape”) with Fat Joe, French Montana and Lil Wayne. That was to support people who love that kinda music. I make that kinda music at times if you check my album.”

A$AP Rocky's LP officially drops in two days, on January 15th.