In a recent interview with The Guardian, A$AP Rocky revealed that he just wrapped up shooting a short film starring UK grime artists Skepta and Novelist, London rap crew Piff Gang, and A.L.L.A. producer Danger Mouse. The film is produced by Flacko's in-house creative team AWGE and Michèle Lamy, wife of fashion designer Rick Owens.

Flacko told The Guardian he doesn't want to be remembered exclusively for his smash hit "Fuckin' Problems."

“It’s a fun song, [but] I didn’t want to be remembered as just that," he said. "That was my biggest song. Like man, I’ve got to wipe that off my record it’s like I’m not that guy any more. I was 22, 23 at the time – I was just having fun.”

He's referring to the lack of radio-friendly bangers on A.L.L.A., but perhaps what he really meant was he wanted to branch out with film and fashion ventures like this film.

[via PnP]