A$AP Rocky dropped a bomb during his appearance on Pharrell's Beats 1 radio show today: he's been working with DJ Danger Mouse, and they have an album already done.

When asked by Pharrell if he had a concept album planned with Danger Mouse, Flacko replied, "We kind of already did. Danger Mouse is ill. People don't appreciate that kind of shit. There's no lyrics out there. What's important about this, he told me, 'yo dude, you bring out a side in me that I need'. And I feel he brings out a side in me. We got records. I can't wait to let you hear them."

Danger Mouse is best-known for his collaborations with Cee-Lo Green and MF Doom and his Grey Album mashup of Jay Z and The Beatles. He is one of the of the most versatile musicians in the hip hop universe. Production on this ASAP project, whenever it comes out, is going to be top-notch.