A$AP Rocky and his crew got into a fight with drunken attendees of the Vice Kills Texas party at SXSW around 3:00 am Sunday Morning.

Spinner.com reports what went down, ASAP Rocky and his mob were on stage when one of the mob members got his do-rag taken from a stage-diver. Supposedly the show was stopped and the ASAP crew demanded its return. Someone in the crowd then a threw a beer can which hit a rapper on stage. Rocky tried to defuse the situation, but another beer can was thrown on stage and hit someone else. Rocky warned the crowd of throwing anything on stage besides water. More stuff was then thrown on stage, and that's when the ASAP crew jumped into the crowd, and a fight broke out. Although most of the crowd tried to move away, some of the attendees got into a full-out altercation with ASAP Rocky and crew. Spinner reports that at least one crowd member had a gash on his head.

Eventually security cleared the room, and police shut down the show.