Polish artist, Filip Pagowski, the man behind Comme des Garcons heart logo design, has partnered with Nike to reimagine all 30 NBA logos for a special edition t-shirt collection that will release next month.

Each of the shirts feature Pagowski's familiar illustrative style, featuring three attributes of each NBA franchise, including the team name, the city it represents, and its mascot. Speaking with Nike, Pagowski explained how he approached some team logos, such as the Chicago Bulls.

“For example, with Chicago Bulls, everybody is familiar with their logo. It's a bull,” says Pagowski. “For me, the Bulls were probably the best team of my generation. I tried to get away from the drawing of the bull's head that's on the official logo. I wanted to make the Bull look strong and powerful and maybe look a little bit ferocious too. I researched it by going through ancient Greek drawings of bulls. And that bull that I did use had some elements from mythological Greek imagery. I found it very elegant and I thought it nicely contrasted with the drawing that's on the official logo.”

The Pagowski x Nike t-shirt collection is expected to launch on April 19 exclusively through Nike Connected NBA jerseys, with a second release to follow on April 21 via the Nike App.

Check out all 30 reimagined NBA logo tees in the gallery above.