Ariana Grande's recent releases have caused a lot of buzz. Her latest single, "7 Rings," caught some attention for negative reasons, however. Many people noticed how her new track resembled previously released songs by other artists, citing Princess Nokia's "Mine" and Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag." Although Ariana does not appear to have commented on these two entertainers specifically, she has addressed the situation via Twitter.

Her response to the drama is in line with her brand of positivity, in contrast to her following's attacks against Princess Nokia. Rather than assuming a defensive stance or even joining the bashing, the singer decided to praise the collaborators that helped her bring "7 Rings" to the public. Apparently, it took 4 additional minds to write the song people have deemed to be a ripoff. 

"i wouldn’t have made this celebratory bop or feel ‘okay’ these days w/o my brilliant, gentle and funny friends who get me drunk, write songs w me & help me heal," she wrote. "i am tremendously grateful for u. 🖤 pls support them in their art: @TAYLAPARX @VictoriaMonet @NJOMZA @Kaydenceis"

After giving credit to her colleagues, she asked her fans to stop being concerned with the online haterade and focus on the talent of the women she mentioned. "shift your attention here," she suggested. "these women are impeccable and they are who you should be talking about. love."