Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the entire boxing world just a few months ago when he defeated undefeated heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua with a seventh-round knockout during their title fight. Ruiz was a 25-1 underdog and pretty well no one was giving him a chance to win, especially when you compare his physique to that of Joshua. Either way, Ruiz is now the rightful heavyweight champ and Joshua is looking avenge himself. The two are set for a rematch and at first, reports stated that they would be fighting in either November or December. According to TMZ, both boxers have signed off to fight on December 7th and instead of fighting in either boxers hometown, the bout will take place in Saudi Arabia.

Considering their first fight was at Madison Square Garden in New York City, it's surprising to see that these two will have to go out and fight in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia isn't exactly known for hosting a ton of fights but if there is one thing for certain, there is a lot of wealth there. Saudi Arabia will prove to be a neutral sight that both fighters will need to adequately get adjusted to. 

Who do you think is going to win this highly-anticipated rematch? Was Ruiz's first win simply a fluke or is he legitimately a better fighter than Joshua?