With the addition of Anthony Davis this offseason, some people, especially Los Angeles Lakers fans, feel as though they can win the championship. Despite the strength of the Western Conference, the Lakers are the only team with two top-five talents which means they could be deadly night in and night out, especially come playoff time. Davis has yet to play a single game for the Lakers although there are already some huge expectations on him. On Get Up! this morning, Jalen Rose explained how Lakers fans shouldn't get too excited, as he believes it's a possibility AD could wind up in Chicago at some point.

“Guys are planning years ahead,” Rose said. “I’m gonna say this right now: Don’t be surprised if Anthony Davis ends up with the Bulls. We see Kawhi Leonard and Paul George go back to California, we see LeBron James go back to Cleveland. He’s already planting the seeds.”

Davis is from Chicago and recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune about the very possibility of someday playing in his hometown. “If the opportunity ever presents itself and when that time comes, I’d definitely consider it," Davis said. 

AD will have a big decision to make next Summer as he officially becomes a free agent. It's hard to see him signing anywhere other than Los Angeles though especially after everything it took to get him there.