Anthony Davis has been having an incredible first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. At this point, it seems like the team is destined to win the NBA Finals, although the Lakers still need to win six games before they can pick up that trophy. It's going to be a long road but with a player like Davis hitting clutch shots, the Lakers are certainly the favorites. This was the case last night as Davis scored a massive three-point shot at the buzzer to take a 2-0 series lead on the Denver Nuggets.

Since the shot was taken, many have tried to dissect every single moving part of the final play, including AD's celebration. In fact, Davis offered up a classic Kobe tribute as he came to the bench to celebrate the win. Just like one would do when throwing paper in the recycling, Davis screamed "Kobe." 

It was a fitting tribute especially since the Lakers were wearing their infamous "Black Mamba" jerseys which are a tribute to Kobe and Gigi Bryant. Every time the Lakers wear these uniforms, they seem to perform at a much higher level, and last night was an example of this.

Moving forward, it's clear Davis will be the first option for a game-winning shot.