Andrew Yang struggled to name a Jay-Z song after claiming that he frequently listens to the rapper. Comedian Ziwe Fumudoh interviewed the mayoral candidate for New York City for her new Showtime series.

“I listened to a lot of hip-hop during like the 90s and 2000s,” Yang said when asked what he’s been “vibing to” lately. He clarified that he likes Jay-Z and Nas in particular.

“What’s your favorite Jay-Z song?” she asks. “I mean, he’s a New Yorker.”

"Yes,” Yang replies before taking a long pause. “What is my favorite Jay-Z song?”

After more pause, the clip ends without an answer from Yang. 

Andrew Yang, Jay-Z
David Dee Delgado / Getty Images

Comedian Seth Rogen commented on the video on Twitter writing, "I feel like he was literally asking someone else to tell him what his fav J song is."

Yang's gaffe is reminiscent of Vice President Kamala Harris' opinion on who the best rapper alive is. When asked during the run-up to the 2020 Presidential Election, Harris answered Tupac. When informed that the legendary rapper is dead, she responded: "I mean, there's so many. I mean -- there are some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane."