Andre Iguodala has been very fortunate over the last few years. With the Golden State Warriors, he was able to make it to five-straight NBA Finals as he won three titles and even picked up a Finals MVP in 2015. This season, Iguodala started out with the Memphis Grizzlies before being dealt to the Miami Heat. After the Heat defeated the Celtics last night, the team punched their ticket to the Finals, giving Iggy his six-straight appearance in the big dance.

Following the game, Iguodala spoke to reporters about this Heat team and just how special they have been this season. At one point, he was asked to compare the team's culture to that of the Warriors, although he opted to go a different route with his answer.

Andre iguodala

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

“I hate comparing them. I don’t think it’s really fair to either one of them, so I try not to compare them. I think it’s totally different,” Iguodala said per The Athletic. “But you’ve got to look at (Heat president) Pat Riley. Pat Riley is the head of the snake, the foundation, or however you want to put it. And he’s really the one who has seen it since the mid-80s, and he has his philosophies that he’s kept in place throughout that time. And over the course of time, he’s evolved — whether it’s technology or whatever nuances are put into the game or how the rules are changed. But his principles are still there. They’re different in their own rights, but you see the value in both of them.”

This NBA Finals will be quite different for Iguodala as his team is coming in as massive underdogs. Regardless, making six-straight Finals is quite the accomplishment.