Don't let his natural comedic timing fool you - Aminé can spit bars. The Good For You rapper recently hit up Power 106 to chop it up with the LA Leakers, and you already know some great freestyles have emerged from those interviews. Aminé wastes little time in making his presence felt, taking us back to The Neptunes' glory days with The Clipse's classic "Momma I'm So Sorry"; the second those cold drums and eerie accordions kick in, you're reminded that they don't quite make beats like this anymore. Aminé kicks things off with some socially conscious lines, spitting "black man self made, I don't need your pity ho, if you call me n***a I might pull up at your rodeo."

He continues to pick up steam, addressing the current state of music with a delivery both scathing and deadpan. "Fuck my shoes you can't even fit in my socks, n***as who don't like me are the type to eat a Tide Pod, rap the new rock-n-roll muthafucka, and if you don't like it better roll muthafucka, last too long so I fuck her eight to eight, since when do pop songs have a fuckin' 808?" 

He goes on to take shots at Donald Trump, flipping the president's words against him. "I'm an asshole, but my president a shithole, snake eyes probably the only thing his dice rolls." Throw in the obligatory Balenciaga reference, and that's a wrap. What did you think of Aminé's LA Leakers freestyle? Was the man spitting fire, or nah?