FX's original series "American Crime Story" was a massive success, as evidenced by the 22 Emmy nominations that "The People Vs. O.J. Simpson" received. 

Looking to capitalize on the popularity of that show, FX has announced that Season 2 of American Crime Story will focus on Hurricane Katrina and the hard truths that many people are still unaware of.

"We want the events that brought America together and also that shine a light on the parts of America that maybe we don't want to acknowledge," said executive producer Brad Simpson on Tuesday following a panel for TV critics about "The People v. O.J. Simpson." "I think with Katrina there's a lot of stuff. This was a natural disaster waiting to happen, and it will happen again in America."

"There were crimes that happened during Katrina. Murders, rapes, you know, and there's also the crime of us not rescuing these people and not being prepared to take care of New Orleans," he said.

The show is still in its infant stage and the details of the script are still being hammered out but when it comes time to fill a cast of characters, you can expect there will be a role for George W. Bush. 

The second season of American Crime Story is scheduled to return to FX in 2017.