Allen Iverson was in The Big Easy for the NBA's All-Star weekend and TMZ cameras caught up with him outside of one of the events to ask him some questions about the Big3 League which he'll be playing and coaching in.

In fact, Iverson revealed that while he'd like Shaq and Kobe for a legendary 3on3 squad, he anticipates doing more coaching than anything.

But when asked if he'd like to transition from coaching in a 3on3 league to coaching in the pros, A.I. gave a definitive and hilarious response.

"Hell na!"

"'Cause I ain't coaching no motha fuckas who make more money than me. How the hell am I gonna tell them anything?"

And then a thirsty female tried to butter him up before he hopped in the vehicle, saying, "A legend is a legend they can't take that away from you!"

Check out the action packed video below and read up on the Big3 League details here.