Alex Caruso is an NBA folk hero and it all started after a game last season in which the Lakers season was already over. Caruso got significant minutes in the game and ended up with a huge putback dunk that shocked everyone on the Los Angeles Lakers bench. Over the past few months, Caruso had continued to provide fans with highlight-reel plays and is now a bonafide fan-favorite in Los Angeles.

Caruso was recently a guest on the Official Lakers Podcast where he got to speak about all of the attention he's been getting over the last little while. As he explains, he's a pretty lowkey guy and at times, the memes have proven to be just too much for him although he understands why it's happening.

Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

“But yeah, it did get to a point to where I was just sitting back and literally anything I did, somebody would tweet about it, or somebody was reporting on it, and at a certain point I was just like, ‘this is just like borderline annoying,’" Caruso said. "It was to the point where it’s like, let’s just focus on basketball, and we’re having so much success on the court that I would love for it to be more about that than me doing a random play in a game.”

Thanks to Caruso's unique look and sneaky athleticism, he will continue to be a folk hero for years to come. If the Lakers win the championship, we can only imagine what the Lakers player will go through.