Nike and Jordan Brand have been known for doing "Cap and Gown" versions of shoes in the past. Most notable last year when they gave the Jordan 11 a pitch black patent leather upper and released the shoes in May just in time for graduation. Now we're not sure how many people actually copped these to flex at graduation but considering what they look like, wearing them with a nice suit or tuxedo isn't exactly that much of a stretch. According to the Instagram account @zsneakerheadz, Jordan Brand is planning to release another "Cap and Gown" Jordan except this time they will be using the Jordan 13.

While it is just a leaked image for now, it appears as though these will come in black patent leather, with black suede all around. They have the exact same look as the Jordan 11's but obviously in a way different silhouette. As mentioned in the post, it appears as though these will be released on May 18th of this year, which aligns nicely with most people's graduation ceremonies. Price wise, expect these to run you $200 USD.

For now, these are just a rumor so we'll make sure to update you all on the release once official word comes from Nike.