Adidas and Alexander Wang have revealed the second drop of their third collaboration, which features tge AW run and two new colorways of the AW Reissue Run. Wang's third footwear collection for Adidas, inspired by production errors and factory inconsistencies, is set to launch alongside a line of co-branded apparel on May 19 via

“In fashion, we're always chasing this idea of perfection, but sometimes imperfection is just as interesting, if not more so,” Wang explains, according to Vogue. “It was really exciting to watch Adidas, who has such a large footprint, open up to that idea. I thought was very brave of them."

The AW Run, retailing for $180. is built on an all-black Primeknit upper, grounded by the beloved Boost midsole in white, finished off with a timeless gum outsole. Additionally, the shoes include an upside-down trefoil logo on the lateral heel, which serves as a nod to the "production errors and factory inconsistencies" theme.

The AW Reissue Run comes in two colorful designs, both of which feature a combination of mesh, suede and neoprene, complete with a unique lacing system that extends behind the heel and a treaded outsole.