Adam Silver has been one of the best commissioners in all of sports and throughout this Coronavirus pandemic, the NBA boss has been a true leader. He was the first commissioner to suspend his league's season and continues to find ways in which he can make the season go on. While nothing is for certain at this point, us sports fans can find solace in the fact that Silver is working hard to get the show back up and running.

Yesterday, Silver spoke with Rachel Nichols of ESPN and gave a hopeful response when asked about what the league might do this season. In fact, Silver is thinking of putting together a charity game that would tide fans over until the playoffs happen. This is, of course, if the postseason is even possible at this point.

"One of the things we've been talking about... are there conditions in which a group of players could compete," Silver said. "Maybe it's for a giant fundraiser or for the collective good of the people. You take a subset of players and is there a protocol where they can be tested, quarantined, or isolated in some way to compete against each other. Because again, people are stuck at home, and I think they need a diversion, and they need to be entertained." 

While it may not be the regular-season, at least it would be something. At this point, sports fans are starving for content.