Adam Sandler's entertainment career is still growing strong. His new Netflix Originals production, ADAM SANDLER: 100% FRESH, gained a promotional boost with the release of "Phone Wallet Keys," a rap song performed by Sandler himself. The video attracted over 1 million views in the past few days, with fans expressing gratitude for the comedian's expression of a truly relatable situation. The idea of listing items before leaving the house was taken out of its mundane context through rhymes accompanied by an official music video. 

Fans of an aspiring rapper might have busted this bubble of admiration for the actor. Claims of the song being a ripoff have risen after people noticed its resemblance to a previously released track entitled "Phone Keys Wallet Weed." This song performed by David Olivas was uploaded to streaming services this past July, though it had been written and recorded for his 2015 debut project, We Thrive

Olivas has commented about the issue that was brought to his attention by his fans: "I suspect maybe a writer was intentionally or unintentionally inspired by the song." While he does see the similarity in lyrics and flow of both songs, he isn't bitter about the situation. He will explore his "options." A legal route might be ineffective since Sandler's interpretation could be labeled a parody, which would clear any claims of infringement since parodies are considered "fair use."