One night after being taunted with racial slurs and having peanuts thrown at him, Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones stepped into the batter's box in Fenway Park and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale even took time to step off the mound to let the ovation go on longer, as the fans and even some Sox players applauded Jones.

Here's what Jones said about the gesture from Red Sox fans after the games, per ESPN,

"Much appreciated. It was also much appreciated by the Boston Red Sox and MLB getting ahead of it," Jones said. "Appreciative that action was taken, and that not everybody feels the same way as selected people."

"I appreciate what [the fans] did," he said. "I have never on the road gotten any ovations or anything like that, so it just caught me off guard a little bit."

"Sale, who works extremely fast, took his time and let [the ovation] relish a little bit, so I appreciate the sentiment," Jones said.

Check out the clip below.