New York Jets head coach Adam Gase was candid about his decision to put running back Le'Veon Bell back in the game while battling a hamstring injury, after the team's 27-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Sunday.

Jets, Adam Gase, Le'Veon BellTimothy T Ludwig / Getty Images

"I'm mad at myself that I let him go back in there in the second half," Gase said

Bell went down late in the second quarter after an incomplete pass. In the second half, he returned with a wrapped hamstring. He could only play five snaps before it became apparent he had to be taken out.

"That play looked bad," Gase of the play in the second quarter. "I'm watching, and I thought it was going to be a touchdown, then he got grabbed. And kind of the way he planted and torqued, it looked really bad.

"I saw him grab his hamstring and he wouldn't come out. We come in at halftime. I let him go back in there. I was worried about it, and we were eventually like, 'I can't put you in there. We can't take a chance on getting more hurt than you already are.'"

The Jets next chance to secure their first win will come next Sunday, when they play the San Francisco 49ers.