Abra - Deja U Feat. Da$h

  August 03, 2017 09:04
Deja U
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Abra and Da$h have a case of "Deja U."

Abra and Da$h have teamed up for the slow-burning cut "Deja U." The track features a nice blend of rapping from Da$h and melodic vocals from Abra, who navigate the dynamic beat with confidence. Da$h opts for a relaxed cadence, but that doesn't mean his words have any less weight. As for Abra, she uses her voice as an atmospheric instrument, drenching herself in reverb to the point of being near-unintelligible. 

Still, it's a cool track, and both artists seem to have a nice chemistry going. While the arrangement somewhat meanders near the end of it's six minute run time, "Deja U" remains a promising glimpse at potential.

Quotable Lyrics

I just wanna give you that same feeling
That your momma had seein' yo daddy for the first time
So when I called her, I just got to answerin' and askin' questions
Testin' keys that I thought opened your mind

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