Anyone that's listened to Ab-Soul's Control System knows he has a way with words, and he has quite a vocabulary.

In a recent interview with FADER Soulo spoke on being the "human dictionary" for the Black Hippy crew. He revealed why he has such a large vocabulary, giving credit to his mom for reading to him as a child.

"I honestly think it really started just from my mom reading to me as a baby. Charlie Brown, Dr. Suess books, you know what I'm sayin'. And from there, you know, I learned how to read very well, very young. And from there, I've just been a sponge... I'm really just a listener, you know what I mean. A thinker, I think for myself, you know. Observing more so than reading literature."

On his project Control System, Ab-Soul says it's "holographic. Layered, it's very layered. I just wanted to connect on as many layers as possible."

Finally he commented on the passing away of his good friend, and a friend to all of Black Hippy, Alori Joh. "I was actually pretty much done with the project before that happened. Luckily for me and all of us you know what I mean... It was very difficult, she helps me out with all my projects, so I mean, it's a very difficult thing to get over. But at the same time, this is what we, me and her, were working on for the majority of the time that I'd known her. She was one of my biggest supporters so I feel like I owe her and I owe everybody else that's taken a liking to what we're doing to finish out strong if I can. But yeah, it's tough man, it's no words for that."