Rosemary Thomas is putting Popeyes on blast for serving her daughter, niece and sister a bucket of fried chicken that wasn't exactly "chicken." As seen in her revolting facebook post, Thomas found what appears to be a rat's head mixed in with her bucket of food from the Louisiana-inspired eatery.

The Popeye's located at 145th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd apparently has an A rating but that doesn't account for the rare occasion when Ratatouille falls into the deep fryer and gets served to a family of four. 

However, according to the Daily News, "Popeyes’ corporate spokeswoman Renee Krapowski told the Daily News that the franchise owner had contacted the Department of Health and that a subsequent inspection found nothing that would change its rating from an A."

Popeyes' supplier told the company that the mystery morsel is likely a chicken organ rather than a rat, Krapowski said, though she added that it would be sent to a third-party for DNA testing.

DNA testing? Somebody get Maury Povich to Harlem ASAP.