With Artist 2.0 steadily amassing streams through singles like "Me And My Guitar" and "King Of My City," A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has been steadily establishing himself as a New York fixture. With the promotional tour in full swing, the man known as Artist has connected with Elliott Wilson for a stint on TIDAL's Exclusive series Car Test

For those unaware, the premise is simple. Prior to an album's release, Wilson takes the artist in question for a joyride while the album is blasted from the speakers and discussed. In this instance, Boogie and Wilson opt for a ride in the Rhino GX, making every turn a spectacle in itself. Upon sitting down in the backseat, A Boogie reflects on how the rap game is cyclical in nature. "You can hear trap music for a couple months," he reasons. "You can hear rockstar music for a couple months. You can hear R&B for a couple months. It all cycles. I feel like everybody in the world be in the same mood at the same time."

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Car Test

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

One thing A Boogie seems to value above all is the concept of artistry. "When I started making this album I thought I knew everything," he admits. "I thought I was a professional recording artist...Now I feel like I'm not even a master at recording cause I keep learning new things. You can never stop learning new things, so how can I be a master? Artist 2.0 is a vibe, not a trap thing." 

As the music sparks,  A Boogie continues to liken himself to a "rock star," a term we've long seen infiltrate the rap game in a variety of ways. "I don't like to feel the same," says Boogie. "I have mood swings. Every three-four months, I switch up how I go in the studio. How I approach the song. Depending on my favorite songs, I pick them out." Agreeing with Wilson that calling him a "rapper" would be dismissive, A Boogie explains that he considers his music to be similar to a painting. "If you in the studio really putting together music, really grabbing words and moving them to spots where the beat hitting, and making sure everything saucy. That shit really different."

Check out A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie's Car Test session below, available exclusively on TIDAL.