Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy has finally arrived and it seems the rapper withheld a few surprises for the final drop. One of which is the surprising appearance of baby faced assassin Chance the Rapper. “Best Life” is a careful blend of humility and gumption, easy listening and flair.

Cardi doesn’t get outdone by chance as she makes several personal admissions which drawing us even closer to her larger than life personality. She admits to her faults, talking about the effect of negative feedback on her career. Cardi is no doubt living her “Best Life” at the moment. Enjoy the record while it’s fresh on our minds. 

Quotable Lyrics:

You don’t like money, I can see it your eye
You don’t like winning, I can see it in your tie
Better be careful with these women
When you tricking, send it fly
She count money in her sleep and she don’t ever spend the night
But she trapping and she had to make it happen for her life
Don’t be mad because she having shit you had to try whole life

-Chance the Rapper