Kevin Hart was in the unfortunate position of bringing his wife and kids into the heart of a new celebrity sex scandal over the weekend, with allegations that he cheated on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, in recent months becoming a story that grabbed all the headlines. As earlier reports have detailed, Hart was supposedly the target of an extortion scheme that threatened to release incrimination video footage of the actor and comedian getting cozy with a woman who is not Ms. Parrish on the down-low during a recent out-of-town hotel stay. There has been no comment from Hart’s representatives, citing ongoing police and legal investigations as the reason they will not volunteer any more information at the present time. Despite all of that, it doesn’t make things any easier for Parrish, who was facing a lot of paparazzi scrutiny today but, thankfully for her, there was no crumbling under the pressure.

TMZ shared some video footage of one such instace, with a myriad of cameras and reporters following her as she exited a black transport vehicle and made her way out of a parking structure, supposedly in the middle of running some errands out in Beverly Hills. Several questions were fired at Parrish, asking her about details concerning the extortion plot itself and what kind of ramifications this had on her family. She remained silent through the whole ordeal, opting instead to walk in a muted fashion towards her destination. When she was asked later on if she’s spoken to Hart yet about all that’s gone on in the past 24 hours and whether any of the speculations of his infidelity being a recurring issue is factual or not, Parrish decided to stay tight-lipped. Of course, I’m sure she was briefed on how not to engage with members of the tabloid press, but it’s still an impressive feat to remain that calm and composed in such an emotionally charged scenario.

As for Hart, he was back on set earlier today, continuing work on his upcoming project Night Shift. He offered no comment or elaboration on his apology video that was shared via Instagram over the weekend.

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko Parrish Stays Silent About Ongoing Scandal