Kid 'N Play: Where Are They Now?

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Kid 'n Play Portrait Session
CIRCA 1988: Rappers Christopher "Kid" Reid and Christopher "Play" Martin of the hip-hop group Kid 'n Play pose for a portrait session in circa 1988 in New York, New York. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The larger-than-life duo won hearts in the late-90s.

The iconic Hip Hop duo Kid ‘n Play broke into the music scene in the late 1980s. Comprising Christopher “Kid” Reid, and Christopher “Play” Martin, this dynamic pair captured the hearts of fans with their infectious energy. Moreover, their distinct musical style set them apart. Known for hits like “Rollin With Kid ‘N Play,” and “Funhouse,” the duo enjoyed widespread success. These songs showcased their unique blend of catchy beats and playful lyrics. Kid ‘N Play influenced many witty lyricists after them. 

However, it wasn’t just their distinct musical prowess that kept their names alive. In the ‘90s, the duo seamlessly transitioned into the world of cinema, headlining the beloved House Party film series. Since then, as the years unfolded, the landscape of Hip Hop and entertainment have evolved. Kid ‘N Play seems to have fallen under the radar, leaving fans wondering what the duo has been up to. Their fans would be pleased to know that both Kid and Play have stayed active in the entertainment industry over the years.

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The Evolution Of Kid ‘N Play

Formed in 1986, the duo initially went by the name Fresh Force Crew before changing to Kid ‘n Play in 1987. Although they released music in 1985 and 1986, their first official single as Kid ‘n Play was 1987’s “Last Night.” It also served as the lead single of their debut album 2 Hype which was later released on October 26, 1988. Subsequently, they followed up with their sophomore album Funhouse in 1990, and a year later, released Face The Nation

Additionally, as a group, they made their acting debut in 1990 with House Party. Between 1991 and 1994, they starred in four additional movies: House Party 2 (1991), Class Act (1992), Bodyguards (1993), and House Party 3 (1994). Kid ‘N Play also appeared on the soundtrack albums for Class Act and each of the three House Party films. 

There were no further album releases or film appearances from the duo in the ‘90s. As a matter of fact, since 1991’s Face The Nation, Kid ‘N Play has not released a new album. However, in 2013, they appeared in House Party: Tonight’s The Night. Subsequently, in 2023, they appeared in House Party, a reboot of the original 1990 film. 

Although the duo has not released any new material in about three decades, they have not disbanded. Despite their ventures, they have stayed together as Kid ‘n Play over the years, making appearances here and there. For example, in 2010, they appeared on The Mo’Nique Show, and Lopez Tonight. Also, in 2014, Kid ‘n Play made a cameo appearance in the RadioShack Super Bowl XLVII commercial. 

Christopher “Kid” Reid

Christopher “Kid” Reid has been busy since Kid ‘N Play’s last album dropped. However, his work since then has not been in the music industry. Surprisingly, Kid has focused on his acting career instead, appearing in several movies and shows over the years. Some of these include Sister, Sister (1996 - 1997), War Of The Worlds 2: The Next Wave (2008), and the animated TV series Apple & Onion (2021).

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Christopher “Play” Martin

While Christopher “Play” Martin has not racked up acting credits like Kid, he has also been active in the film industry. Martin is the founder and CEO of HP4 Digital, a multimedia company. In addition, he is an Artist in Resident at North Carolina Central University, where he teaches a course titled Hip Hop iI Context 101. Although he could have pursued a solo musical career, the rapper chose not to. Now 61 years old, Play is a father of one, and a born-again Christian.

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