Toni Braxton's 7 Hottest Billboard Hits

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Toni Braxton Live Portrait Session and performance 2009
LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 2009: Singer Tini Braxton performs and poses for a portrait in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images)
Toni Braxton’s distinctive voice helped send her to the top of the charts.

Toni Braxton is rightfully considered an R&B icon. Throughout her career, she has released many undeniable hits, even topping the Hot 100 chart a few times. The singer’s discography is filled with timeless songs and is a testament to her vocal prowess and emotional depth. From the sultry strains of “Un-Break My Heart” to the empowering anthem “He Wasn’t Man Enough,” each song serves as a chapter in the narrative of Braxton’s artistic evolution. Although Braxton has had many songs appear on the Billboard charts, a handful of the singer’s hit songs stand heads and shoulders above the rest. So far, Toni Braxton has had a handful of Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Here they are.

7. “You Mean The World To Me” (1994)

Released as the fourth single from her eponymous debut album, this timeless R&B ballad holds a significant place in Braxton’s illustrious career. The song showcases her exceptional vocal prowess and cemented her status as a prominent figure in ‘90s R&B. This track played a notable role in propelling Toni Braxton to stardom during the ‘90s, as it’s one of her biggest hits.

On the Billboard Hot 100 chart, “You Mean the World to Me” debuted at No. 86. However, it progressively climbed the chart with each passing week. Finally, on May 28, 1994, it peaked at No. 7. Likewise, it peaked within the Top 10 on several other Billboard charts, including Adult Contemporary, Rhythmic, and Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs.

6. “Another Sad Love Song” (1993)

“Another Sad Love Song” was released as Braxton’s debut album’s lead single. The song showcased the singer’s distinctive contralto vocals and laid the foundation for her successful career. Her debut single, “Love Shoulda Brought You Home” (1992), made it onto the Hot 100 chart, peaking at No. 33. While that served as a marker of the potential success of her career, it was “Another Sad Love Song” that truly began that trajectory.

Despite only being her second-ever single, the song peaked within the Top 10 on the Hot 100 chart. It reached the No. 7 spot on the chart, becoming the first song on a list of Toni Braxton hits to break into that bracket. “Another Sad Love Song” signaled Braxton’s arrival as a formidable force in the music industry. 

5. “Breathe Again” (1993)

A soul-stirring ballad, “Breathe Again” is another standout track from Toni Braxton’s self-titled debut album. It was released as the album’s second single and is arguably its most popular and recognizable track. Upon its release, “Breathe Again” quickly ascended the charts, solidifying Braxton’s status as a powerhouse in the R&B genre. The song’s lush and nostalgic feel and the singer’s heartfelt vocal performance continue to strike a chord with listeners even now. Braxton’s emotive interpretation makes “Breathe Again” an anthem for those navigating the complexities of love and loss. It peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Braxton’s highest-charting song at the time.

4. “He Wasn’t Man Enough” (2000)

Toni Braxton released hits throughout the ‘90s, and some wondered if her success would extend beyond that decade. With “He Wasn’t Man Enough,” the singer proved that her talent and hitmaking ability were the enduring kind. The song was the lead single from Braxton’s third studio album, The Heat, her first in four years.

The bold and empowering anthem also catapulted her back into the mainstream with a contemporary R&B sound and a fierce attitude. “He Wasn’t Man Enough” quickly climbed the charts upon its release, becoming one of Braxton’s most successful singles. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the track missed the topmost position, peaking at No. 2. While it unfortunately didn’t top the Hot 100 chart, it peaked atop the Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart. 

3. “Let It Flow” (1996)

This song was initially recorded as a part of the soundtrack for the 1995 movie Waiting to Exhale. “Let It Flow” is one of the biggest Billboard hits Toni Braxton has recorded. The soulful and evocative track became synonymous with both musical excellence and cinematic storytelling. In a similar fashion to most of her songs, Braxton’s vocals are rich with emotion and breathe life into the lyrics. “Let It Flow” climbed to the topmost spot on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts.

2. “You’re Making Me High” (1996)

Sultry and sensual in its sound and Braxton’s delivery, “You’re Making Me High” is an unforgettable song in the singer’s catalog. It was released as the lead single from her second studio album, Secrets, and quickly captivated audiences. Altogether, the song’s infectious rhythm, smooth production, and Braxton’s breathy vocals created an irresistible blend that resonated with fans and critics alike. Soon after its release, it peaked at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart, becoming Braxton’s first chart-topping single. Subsequently, it earned the singer her third Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

1. “Un-Break My Heart” (1996)

Without a doubt, 1996 was a highly successful year for Toni Braxton as all three singles she released became chart-topping hits. “Un-Break My Heart” is a behemoth of a song and a worldwide commercial success. The emotional tour de force also stands as one of the most iconic ballads in the history of contemporary R&B. Released as the second single from Secrets, the song catapulted Braxton to new heights of fame.

Undoubtedly, it is the singer’s hottest Billboard hit to date. It easily reached the number one spot on the Hot 100 chart and remained in that position for a whopping 11 weeks. Beyond its immediate success, “Un-Break My Heart” has endured as a classic, and rightly so. Toni Braxton will always be respected for the musical sorcery she pulled off with her performance on this track.


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