Michael Oher Conservatorship Dispute Due To Violence Of NFL, Claims "Blind Side" Author

Michael Lewis is a close friend of the Tuohy family.

BYBen Mock
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Michael Lewis, the author of The Blind Side, has come out with a bizarre claim about why Michael Oher is challenging the Tuohy family after nearly 20 years. “What we’re watching is a change of behaviour. This is what happens to football players who get hit in the head: they run into problems with violence and aggression," Lewis told Samanth Subramanian of The Guardian. Lewis also made some wild claims about Oher's ability. “He insisted that Oher wouldn’t have made it to the NFL without the Tuohys’ support, and that Oher did not, in fact, know much about playing football when the Tuohys first met him. On a football field, “he was not useful”, Lewis said," Subrmanian's article also noted.

However, Lewis' claims of CTE and subpar talent are nothing more than a smokescreen. Lewis is a close friend of Sean Tuohy. The two grew up together and had a relationship before Lewis chronicled Oher's journey in the blindside. The claims of CTE try to distract from the horrific allegations tying a white family to manipulating a Black teenager. Meanwhile, the talent allegations are meaningless, given the fact Oher's entire story as well as the fact that Lewis felt the story notable enough to dedicate most of a book to it.

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Oher Sees Conservatorship Ended

However, last week, Oher finally saw some justice. A judge in Shelby County, Tennessee has ended the conservatorship agreement between Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. Judge Kathleen Gomes formally ended the conservatorship earlier this week in probate court. Furthermore, Gomes refused to dismiss the case that Oher had brought against the family. "I cannot believe it got done," Gomes said of the conservatorship. Additionally, she added that she had never seen such an agreement in her 43-year legal career. Conservatorships are usually enacted in cases of disability or similar circumstances.

The Tuohys watched the hearing virtually but did not comment. The family has objected to Oher's claims that they took financial advantage of him. Oher has claimed that the Tuohys have hidden the full extent of the earnings they have reaped from the use of his name, image, and likeness. The Tuohys operate two separate non-profits that use Oher's name.

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