IShowSpeed Crushes KSI In Foot Race

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The 2023 Streamy Awards - Red Carpet
IShowSpeed at The 2023 Streamy Awards held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel on August 27, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Penske Media via Getty Images)
Unfortunately, Speed's speed didn't help his team in their soccer match.

IShowSpeed and KSI have been teaming up all week to train for September 9's Sidemen charity soccer match in London. While they will be playing for different teams, the two YouTube stars set aside their differences in the name of content creation. Earlier in the week, KSI roasted Speed a little bit over the IShowMeat trend that occurred after Speed accidentally flashed his genitals to his audience. However, Speed was able to get a little bit of revenge by showing that Speed isn't just a name. The pair were seen engaging in a foot race that the American streamer won by several yards.

Unfortunately, that did not translate to the game itself. KSI's Sidemen team easily defeated the YouTube All-Stars team 8-5 in front of a packed London Stadium. IShowSpeed didn't get his name on the soccer sheet, which is disappointing for the massive soccer fan. However, in fairness, the only goal KSI scored was an own goal. However, that makes a little more sense given that he was playing as a goalkeeper for most of the game. Arguably, British YouTuber Max Fosh had the highlight of the game. After being booked, Fosh brandished an Uno reverse card at the referee.

Speed Briefly Escapes The Negative Headlines

His time with KSI has given Speed a brief respite from the slew of negative headlines he has generated recently. At the end of August, Speed had another classic meltdown while streaming, really highlighting that at the end of the day, he's an 18-year-old who screams on the Internet. While streaming on August 31, Speed was alerted to the fact that "RIP CR7" was trending on social media. Speed became increasingly distressed as he scrolled through tweets that appeared to suggest that Ronaldo had died. He begins to beg his chat to drop the act and tell him that it's fake if it is. After counting down from ten and scrolling through Twitter some more, Speed ended the stream.

Literally the day before, Speed had another meltdown when he claimed that a website had banned him for being ugly. Speed went to have some fun on the website, OmeTV, a chat roulette site. However, Speed was only able to interact with a few users before something strange happened. After attempting to connect with a new user, Speed found himself banned. The reason give was "irrelevant image" alongside a picture of Speed's face. “They just banned me because of my face? Am I that ugly? Am I that fucking ugly?!” the streamer yelled in response as fans mocked in chat. However, after paying a small unbanning fee, the same thing happened again. “I am fucking done! They banned me again just because of my face! I am not that damn ugly!" Speed said in another meltdown before quitting out to play Roblox instead.


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