Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin was once again spotted out in LA with Kendall Jenner, sparking more rumors that the two are now dating. Once again, Blake and Kendall were video taped leaving Craig’s in West Hollywood after a “fancy romantic dinner,” but this time they jumped into the same truck together.

The duo was also with Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons and Hailey Baldwin, who they have been seen with in the past. Parsons left the restaurant shortly after Blake and Kendall, though he exited without Hailey Baldwin who stayed inside Craig’s. Parsons and Baldwin have been spending time with each other for months now but, according to TMZ, the two insist they are not exclusively dating each other. 

As for Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner, they have been hanging out quite a lot in the past few weeks.

Earlier this month, they were spotted a Kendrick Lamar concert in Los Angeles along with Kendall’s sister, Kylie, as well as Hailey and Chandler, and then later that night at Avenue Nightclub. Blake and Kendall reportedly jumped in the same limo after leaving the club. The two allegedly had dinner together at Craig’s in West Hollywood a few days after the Kendrick concert, but got into separate cars upon leaving the restaurant.

According to a report, Kendall’s budding relationship with Blake Griffin has left A$AP Rocky “feeling a little shocked.”

“A$AP is feeling a little shocked, hurt and surprised after learning that Kendall has been spending time with Blake,” an insider tells HollywoodLife. “A$AP is into Kendall and has been for a long time. They never put a label on their relationship, but it still caught A$AP off-guard that Kendall would look to be spending romantic time with someone other than him. It was like Kendall broke an unspoken agreement between them by dating someone new.”

Check out the TMZ footage of Blake and Kendall’s alleged double date below.


Blake Griffin, Kendall Jenner

Blake Griffin, Kendall Jenner Reportedly Go On "Romantic" Date