6LACK's East Atlanta Love Letter was a divisive album; some deemed the project overtly cerebral, while others felt connected to the emotional throughline. Still, few can deny the project features lush production, including "Scripture," which features a veritable squad of contributing musicians on deck: Daniel Cartisano, Singawd, Harry Edwards, Gravez, Fwdslxsh, and of course 6LACK himself. Now, the artist has decided to strip away the trappings of production, putting his talents on display in the rawest sense.

The Atlanta resident took a journey to New York City, where he proceeded to lay down an intimate rendition of "Scripture," all by his lonesome. Surrounded by the lush environment of his chose locale, 6LACK throws the hoodie up, isolated as always. His delivery is, perhaps unsurprisingly, restrained, and the weight behind his words are truly given the chance to resonate. Be sure to check out 6LACK's performance now, and read our review for East Atlanta Love Letter here.