Cam'ron Shoots His Shot At Shannon Sharpe

Cam'ron wants to bag Shannon Sharpe.

BYBen Mock
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In April 2023, Cam'ron joked on It Is What It Is about recruiting UNDISPUTED host Shannon Sharpe. “I seen Shannon curse on TV the other day,” Cam’ron began. “N-gga said, ‘What the fuck,’ then he had to stop himself. Yo Shannon, if you wanna be on television without the producers tellin’ you what to say, without ya co-host cutting you off every time you want to make a statement, come to the team.”

Well, turns out that Sharpe is about to become a free agent. Earlier this week, Sharpe announced that he would be leaving Fox at the end of the NBA Finals. The NFL Hall of Famer had successfully negotiated a buyout to leave the network, taking UNDISPUTED and Club Shay Shay with him. While Sharpe’s brand has always been fuelled by spirited debate, it appears that his relationship with co-host Skip Bayless is the primary reason for his departure.

Cam'Ron Pursues Sharpe

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In the wake of Sharpe's announcement, Cam'ron re-upped his invitation to the Hall of Famer. "Shannon, you definitely got a home here," Cam'ron began. "Yo, listen my n-gga, come to It Is What It Is n-gga. You know how much bread we get? And you can be you because we being us. Shit would be well, my n-gga." While unlikely, it would surely be a power pairing in terms of sports media. However, Cam'ron might also be on the move. “Soon getting ready to do a deal. We won’t say with who yet. I got a lot of people. I could have done a deal a month ago but I just want to weigh my options out. So we’ll figure it out," Cam'ron told local New York media last month.

It's unknown where Sharpe is headed next after seven years at Fox. However, he's not the only person on the move. Last month, ESPN announced that they had signed Pat McAfee to a multi-year deal. McAfee already serves as a color commentator for Thursday Night Football. Now the network will also feature his flagship show starting this fall. McAfee bought out of a lucrative contract with FanDuel.


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