Moneybagg Yo Releases New Single, "Ocean Spray"

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Moneybagg Yo - Ocean SprayMoneybagg Yo - Ocean Spray
The rapper is getting trippy in the new song.

Moneybagg Yo may not be releasing Hard To Love in full today, but he did drop a little something something for the fans. In a recent Twitter video, Moneybagg Yo shared some unfortunate news for those waiting for the new mixtape. He had just found out about the Taylor Swift remix featuring Ice Spice that was scheduled to release today as well. Sitting in his red sports car, he played Taylor Swift's music loudly, singing along before delivering the news. Moneybagg expressed his love for Taylor Swift. Because of his love for her, he decided to push back the release of his album Hard To Love by a few days. He asked his fans to be patient and let Taylor have her moment.

With that, Moneybagg continued singing alone and drove away from the camera's view. While this may disappoint some fans, it shows a kind act of solidarity towards another artist. Moreover, the delay might give Ari Fletcher more time to prepare additional videos in anticipation of Moneybagg potentially reaching the number-one position. However, it's not as if Moneybagg is leaving his fans empty-handed. He just released a single called "Ocean Spray," which is the first track on the new mixtape.

Bagg Looks Back On His Struggles With Lean

After releasing the track along with its visually captivating video, Moneybagg Yo took to Twitter to share some personal thoughts. He candidly expressed his previous belief that sobriety would negatively impact his creative process. However, he says he now realizes it was just an issue with his mindset. He mentioned that he has been more productive and that his skin is glowing now that he's sober. He also said he has been consistently releasing impressive music. It appears that Moneybagg Yo has followed through on his plans to get sober. The song itself, however, seems to reminisce about his past when he used to consume lean.

"I’m juiced up / Ocean Spray / I’m poured up / Let’s drink some more today,” Moneybagg raps on the song’s chorus. ”I’m high now, might float away / If I was outside now / I’m vibed out / new Cartiers hide my eyes now.” The song serves as a reminder of how something like an addiction can take precedence over everything else in your life if you let it. What do you think of the new track? Be sure to sound off in the comments below. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest updates on Hard To Love.

Quotable Lyrics:

Drivin' the 'Rari, today I feel coupie
You with a street n*gga, stop actin' bougie
You say you love me, then make sure I'm good
You say you ridin', then that's understood

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