T-Pain Jokes That Drake Makes Simp Music

T-Pain recently joked that Drake makes music about “simping.”

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T-Pain Jokes That Drake Makes Simp Music

T-Pain says that Drake has the making of "simping" music covered. While reflecting on his own history of hit songs about longing for women on Nappy Boy Radio, Pain explained that he doesn't need to return to that era. He referenced "I'm Sprung," "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)," "and "Bartender" as examples.

“I had zero confidence in any of my music, I was always the simp, remember?” T-Pain began. “I was always the n***a that didn’t have any confidence that anything could happen at all, I was always wishing for a girl.

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T-Pain In Concert

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 12: T-Pain at The Novo on May 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images)

“‘I’m Sprung’ – that was about me simping to hell. First real simp joint. ‘I’m In Love With A Stripper’ – never said I ever got her. Just said I liked her a bunch. ‘Bartender’ – never took her anywhere. She was just a bartender. Never said we fucked or anything. Just me simping from afar," he continued. Pain's guest on the episode, Rob Markman, then chimed in: “I think we need that back in music though.” Pain responded: “Simpin’? Nah, I think Drake got it covered.”

T-Pain posted the clip on his Instagram page after the interview. Fans shared plenty of laughs in the comments section. One noted that the "simp" quality of T-Pain's early songs is what made them "unique." They wrote: "Most other dudes always rapped or sang about already having the woman and doing whatever to her and moving on to the next. Pain songs had a sort of, pining comfortability about them. Like, it was cool to actually have crushes and fall for someone you didn't necessarily have but that admiration gave you either confidence or purpose."

T-Pain Reflects On Simping

T-Pain's comments come after the release of his latest project, which sees him cover a number of songs by iconic artists such as Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, Journey, Black Sabbath, and more. With On Top Of The Covers, T-Pain opted to avoid his signature use of autotune. “Each one of these songs means something to me and helped me fall in love with music at different points in my life,” the musician said in a press release. “I’m releasing this covers album from the view of what I hear when I listen to each song.

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