EarthGang has been bubbling for the past few years. Their name has been a favorite in the underground and rightfully so, as the duo are exceptionally talented on the mic. Yesterday, it was announced that they’ve inked a deal with J. Cole’s Dreamville label. Today, their RAGS EP dropped. Along with the short project, the duo have released their video for the opening cut off the project, “Meditate” featuring their label-mate J.I.D.

The duo use the video to showcase their perspective on racism in America. The video opens up with a very quick clip of the three rappers on the run in black and white jail clothing before they’re seen rowing across a body of water to their escape. The song itself gives insight in the difficulties of being black in America and searching for peace in the nation. With everything that’s been going on, the song and the video itself are important pieces of art that represent the systematic oppression that black American’s face on a regular basis.

One of the most powerful parts of the video is when the hook comes in. Doctor Dot is seen hanging from a noose as he raps “Looking for peace in America, Looking for peace when I stare at you.” 

The video was directed by Chad Tennies and Mac Grant. Chad Tennies has worked with both J.I.D and EarthGang in the past. He was responsible for “Momma Told You.” The vision of Chad Tennies, Mac Grant & EarthGang came out successfully as the directors really brought the song to life. 

With the RAGS EP out right now, EarthGang is on their way to really taking over the rap game. Their sound is necessary in today’s hip hop climate. While much of the music that’s released is easy to digest, EarthGang challenges the listener with their thoughtful work.