Doja Cat’s 10 Best Songs

She’s one of the hottest artists out right now, so let’s look at some of Doja Cat’s smash hit records.

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Doja Cat’s 10 Best Songs

Doja Cat recently admitted that her verses lately have been "mid." While an artist may have an opinion about their own work, let's not forget the music that made Doja Cat one of the top-selling artists in the world today. Born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini in 1995, the Los Angeles-based artist has recently earned her place of fame with her one-of-a-kind blend of rap, pop, and R&B music. The source of the hype for Doja relies on her unconventional style, dynamic vocal range, and playful lyricism in every one of her songs. Mid or not as she claims to be, there's no denying Doja's iconic presence in today's music world. Below we'll review some of her best songs, taking a closer look at each.

10. "Say So"

"Say So" was one of Doja Cat's first viral hits. The bassline is the star of the show for "Say So," accompanied by the iconic chorus. That combination made it an instant hit, becoming an earworm even for casual listeners. The resulting song was a funky and upbeat anthem about confidence, pride, and enjoying your own energy. The song helped catapult Doja Cat into the spotlight more than before, earning her mainstream fame right before 2020.

9. "Streets"

"Streets" is a seductive R&B track that helps showcase Doja Cat's sultry vocals and iconic range. It's a slow song that takes its sweet time being sexy with a deep bassline and synth. The lyrics focus on themes like desire, longing, and yearning for new experiences. "Streets" has become one of Doja's biggest hits, partly due to it going wildly viral on TikTok with its own challenge.

8. "Like That"

This smooth rap track is a collaboration between Doja Cat and Gucci Mane. The song's infectious beat creates a bouncy collab that mixes well with other Doja songs on any playlist. This single arrived on Hot Pink, and while it was an unexpected pairing, fans enjoyed hearing the two artists together.

7. "Boss Bitch"

The song "Boss Bitch" is an empowering anthem, one that appears in the Birds of Prey soundtrack. The aggressive and hard-hitting beat drives the bassline home. That makes it an earworm for the listener, making it one of the most attitude-filled Doja Cat songs out there. Thematically, the song is all about taking control, being in charge, and confidently hitting your stride.

6. "Cyber Sex"

"Cyber Sex" is a provocative track that snaps the attention of the audience in any playlist. It showcases Doja Cat's sense of humor, showing her playful personality and melodic synth skills. The song emphasizes virtual connections. With a catchy chorus, you may find yourself humming this one. You can find "Cyber Sex" included on Doja's acclaimed sophomore studio album, Hot Pink.

5. "Juicy"

This flavorful song is a collab between Doja Cat and Tyga. With a funky beat, some lyrics about body positivity, and a chorus that quickly gets stuck in your head, "Juicy" is a great song to add to a motivational playlist. This Doja Cat song tells fans to celebrate their differences from the norm. Throughout, Doja celebrates her curves, encouraging others to do the same.

4. "Tia Tamera"

The rap track "Tia Tamera" is a collab piece between Doja Cat and Rico Nasty. The fast-paced song keeps a bouncy pace and just makes listeners want to dance. With a lyrical suave and a beat filled with attitude, Rico and Doja take this song and make it one to remember. The track emerged during Doja's breakout season and fans reflect on how far she and Rico have come since then.

3. "Bottom Bitch"

"Bottom Bitch" is another scandalous Doja Cat song that hammers out her theme as an artist. It showcases her fearless personality despite the attitudes that come her way. The song is aggressive, meaning to convey authority and grit. Doja Cat demands respect through this track; according to her fans, she got it.

2. "Freak"

"Freak" is a testament to the common theme circulating within Doja Cat songs. It's a seductive, snazzy title that grabs the audience's attention right out of the gate. Despite the title, though, the song is a slow one, with a beat that takes its time and shows a brighter light on the lyrics rather than the tune. Doja Cat created "Freak" with guest singer and songwriter Kehlani.

1. "Rules"

If you need a track to boost the mood of your playlist, consider Doja Cat's "Rules." It's just the track to buck the playlist up a few notches with a good rap about expectations and setting your standards high. Perfect for a mood boost, "Rules" takes a sample from the song "Juicy Fruit" by Mtume. The beats within "Rules" are hard-hitting despite the lighthearted tone, making it perfect for a feel-good or encouraging kind of playlist.

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