Erica Banks & Sukihana Get Salacious And Flirtatious On Instagram

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Erica Banks & Sukihana
It seems the two rap divas are publicly trying to arrange a sneaky link ASAP.

If you thought we've already seen enough unusual celebrity pairings so far this year, wait until you find out about the latest potential couple taking over the industry – Erica Banks and Sukihana. Following the former's split from Finesse2tymes last year, she's been living her best single life, regularly sharing her curvaceous body and unfiltered thoughts on social media. Early on Tuesday (April 11) morning she did the latter, specifically sharing her thoughts on performing analingus, both on the same and opposite sex. "I love my sis Suki, but I can't eat a n*gga ass," she explicitly wrote.

"Now a girl? I can do, fresh out the shower [please]," the Texas native added, clearly setting her bedroom boundaries. Knowing Banks' usual content, this isn't exactly out of character for her, though her reaction to Sukihana's response has certainly left some surprised. "Eat mines then," the 31-year-old wrote in @theneighborhoodtalk's comment section after the blog reposted her potential new love interest's tweet. "Wya rn 🌚?" Erica quickly responded, prompting Suki to express further interest on Twitter.

Erica Banks Speaks Her Truth

"Is Erica Banks really gay?" the Delaware-born lyricist asked this afternoon. "Or she trolling? 'Cause I really am in real life, so if she want to go on a date I'll take her out to eat." Shortly after, the younger artist confirmed that feelings are mutual in a salacious post. "Now Suki, why you didn't eat me out at that pool party that time we went then 🙄🙄? But I do wanna go on a date." Following in Banks' footsteps, 'hana set some boundaries of her own, explaining that she's the type to get to know someone and treat them right before hopping into bed with them.

"Listen, Erica, we go on dates 'round here. [I don't know] what n*ka [you] been with," Sukihana wrote. "We are not eating each other's coochiannas without courting," her tweet insisted. It seems her prospect was amused by the offer, and accordingly agreed to grab dinner this coming Friday (April 14). Make sure to check back in this weekend for any updates on the female rapper date night.

Sukihana Responds


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