Google is going all out for the 44-year anniversary of our favorite music genre, hip-hop. Google will often change up their search page logo in celebration of an important person or an important day, and today, the always creative and inventive Google Doodle is celebrating hip-hop music. 

When you land, you’ll see a graffiti spread of the word ‘Google’ which is actually interactive — when you hit play, an animated version of hip-hop’s OG Fab 5 Freddy pops up, to narrate the infamous story of hip-hop’s birthplace. You should know this one, but just incase, briefly: DJ Kool Herc hosted a back-to-school party in the Bronx – 1520 Sedgwick Ave – on this fateful day, in 1973. Herc decided to extend the instrumental break using his turntables, thus allowing his party-goers to dance longer (break-dancing), and allowing a space where the MC would eventually spit. 

The Google Doodle isn’t only an informational-cartoon video. Cartoon Fab 5 Freddy also allows you to take a stab at working the turntables yourself, and digging through the crates as well, with step-by-step help. Once you choose your vinyl and get it going on the turntable, you start unlocking more information by reaching various goals. If you’ve got 20 minutes (or more) to kill, you should check it out here (unfortunately it’s not embeddable).

What record will you be playing today to celebrate hip-hop’s anniversary? Let us know in the comments.


Google Doodle Celebrates Hip-Hop's 44th Anniversary